Information For Care Homes

Music Therapy

We have worked in over 50 homes throughout Gloucestershire now and would very much like to come and work with you.

We’re sorry but we only work in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties at the present time.

The details

A course is between 2 and 3 hours per week (always on the same day and at the same time) every other week for 6 months.

Your therapist arrives half an hour before and stays for half an hour afterwards, this is a good time to talk to them about the work and any changes you have noticed in your residents.

We need a reasonably sized room to accommodate a group of 10 residents, plus the therapist and a member of staff. We ask that there are no interruptions during the session, so please don’t arrange for a tea trolly whilst we are with you.

Sessions provide maximum benefit if distractions are kept to a minimum. We can provide guidelines for care staff and give advice on how we can best make music therapy work for you.


A course of 12 sessions will cost between £1000 (2hrs) and £1300 (3hrs) depending on how long we are with you.

A number of subsidised courses are available for homes that have not had music therapy before. These are generally charged at £600 for 2hrs.  This is a cost of £50 per session.

If you would like to have music therapy as a permanent provision in your home we can discuss costs with you.

We can invoice monthly or at intervals to suit you.

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