Meet The Team

So Here We All Are

We are a small (but perfectly formed) team here at mindsong. Almost all of us are volunteers (and don’t forget that you could be one of them!) except for our Chief Exec, our Music Therapists and our Volunteer Manager.

Some of us are retired, some manage to fit us in despite full-time employment and all are completely committed to the work we do. As you can probably tell, we are managing to have a fairly good time despite the hours we put in.

From left to right then:

Katy Bagnall: trustee

Karen Lawton: chief exec & administrator

Anthea Holland: director, trustee & founder

Jane Crampton: music therapist & founder

June Locke: volunteer and all round good egg

People missing from this picture are:

Jane Rothery: our amazing volunteer manager

Helen Owen: chair of our board of trustees

Sylvia Ardron: secretary, trustee, volunteer and brilliant all rounder

Cecil Sanderson: trustee and volunteer

Maggie Grady: lead music therapist

Fiona Taylor: music therapist, musician & composer

Anne-Marie Kok: music therapist

Paul Meagre: music therapist

Ruth Melhuish: music therapist

Elaine Grunbaum: treasurer

Dominic Jewel: trustee

Philippa Shaw: trustee

The rest of our wonderful volunteers (currently numbering 170!) – we couldn’t manage without them.

Dr Anthea Holland

Although she has retired as a GP, Anthea has many years of experience with dementia and of being a carer. Together with Jane, she set up mindsong back in 2007.

Her first experience with dementia was in her teens, a family visit to her grandmother in hospital one Christmas.

‘She wasn’t able to recognize us, but as we sang carols, to my amazement I saw her lips moving and forming the words.’

Anthea knew that many others had had similar experiences and when she heard that music therapists were working with dementia she knew it was something that the Three Choirs Festival should be doing.

‘To observe or assist a music therapist with a session is at the same time humbling and empowering. One sees that there is much more to those with dementia ; they are real people who may still respond to music even when they cannot hold any conversation’.

It is Anthea’s intention that mindsong will be there for you if you need it, and for us too, as we help improve the quality of life for dementia sufferers and their carers through music.