Are you running your own singing group in a care home or day centre?

Songs for Singing

We are often asked for ideas or music for singing groups that are led by care staff or activity coordinators.

Here is what we find works best

folk songs

community songs

religious songs and hymns

rounds and cannons

show tunes

songs from the 50s and 60s

the Beatles

Some of the music and lyrics can be easily downloaded from the internet but here is a list of books that should inspire you – all readily available from Amazon

Ra-ra-ra boom-de-ay  Songs for Everyone  £12.99

Sing Together (100 songs for unison singing) £9.37
The best of Rodgers & Hammerstein £10.95
Bumper Book of Music Hall Songs £12.99
70 years of Popular Music – The Fifties £12.71
100 years of Popular Music – 60s vol.1 £16.14
(prices were correct as of July 2010)

We do have a small library of our own and can lend you something to get you going – just contact us


Musical Instruments

You may want to buy your own set of instruments for use by your group.

We use mainly percussion, all easily held or used.

We have found that the best supplier is

LMS Music Supplies
PO Box 7

T. 0845 230 0455
F. 01392 412521